In a stunning display of grace and strength, our Aerial Chiffon artist floats over and around the audience on the whisper of billowing fabric, performing a breathtaking acrobatic aerial dance which requires agility, flexibility and enormous skill. A contrasting combination of beauty and power, this act is sure to mesmerize the audience with its exquisite presentation.

6 Minute Act, Requires Certified Aerial Rigger (20ft ceiling height or higher with minimum combined load rating of 2,000 lbs. – 2 point min.) Cast in Orlando, Georgia, New York, Miami, Denver, Chicago, Las Vegas, & LA



Watch breathlessly as our seemingly weightless acrobats, attired in vibrantly colored costumes, soar through the air performing dynamic gymnastic tumbling and aerial dance displays in unison and counterpoint, reaching astounding heights and speed.

Requires Certified Aerial Rigger – 6 Minute Act 20 ft ceiling height required off of one rigging point that holds a shock load up to 1,000 lbs. Cast in Orlando, New York, Las Vegas & LA