2 male hand-to-hand balancing performers dressed in colorful costumes perform an incredible exhibition of strength and stamina. The two combined will create emotion through motions. They complete difficult maneuvers demonstrating perfect harmony, while fusing power and grace.

7 Minute Act (8×10 level area required w/ 15ft ceiling height) Cast in Orlando, New York, LA & Las Vegas.



The German Wheel act features one acrobatic stunt performer. Six and a half feet in diameter, the wheel consists of two metal hoops joined at six points. Our stunt performer rolls, turns and spins the wheel while performing gravity-defying somersaults and acrobatics inside it.

6 Minute Act (32×32 minimum area required). Cast in Orlando, Las Vegas, NYC & LA.



Challenging the limits of the human body, while expressing power and fragility at the same time, our performers display enormous strength and flexibility as they demonstrate a multitude of acrobatic positions seemingly impossible to achieve. Trained at the Mongolian School of Contortionism, and having performed with Cirque du Soleil, our artists will “bend over backwards” to win your applause.

6 Minute Act/Also available for strolling during Cocktail Hour (6×6 area minimum)

Cast in Orlando, New York, Las Vegas & LA



Witness the art of juggling being transformed into a spectacular performance piece, as our artist spins the frame of the cube around his body, launches it into the air and then dives acrobatically through the whirling frame. Masterfully manipulating the cube with dexterity and complete control in an infusion of acrobatic movements, this act is both mesmerizing and refreshingly original.

6 Minute Act (24x 24 area minimum) Cast in Orlando & Las Vegas



The Power Skips performers will dazzle your audience by performing multiple synchronized somersaults and mid air twists at an unbelievable pace. Back flips, front flips, triple twists, etc… The Skips are great for performances as well as strolling atmosphere. Very interactive with the guests even incorporating them into their routine. It’s a high energy act that will please any audience.

5 Minute Act or 2×20 Minute Sets of Strolling Atmosphere (16ft height required 24 X 24 Stage) Cast in Orlando, Colorado, Las Vegas & LA.



With her svelte body and delicate grace, our contortionist whisks a multitude of silver hoops around her body continuously while demonstrating an abundance of difficult acrobatic positions throughout. She is a sight to behold in the limelight and she never loses motion or contact with the rings, creating a beautiful mixture of unique visual images.

6 Minute Act (12 x 12 Area required) Cast in Orlando, NYC, Las Vegas & LA



This uniquely funny show has been performed throughout Europe, America and Asia and never fails to captivate and intrigue the audience. Our Red Harlequin will have your guests laughing as well as amazed at the talent of our incredible juggler. Holding the record for the most rings juggled at once, the Red harlequin is sure to entertain your crowd!

6 Minute Act (16×16 area minimum) Cast in Orlando & LA.



The Trampoline Wall is made up to look like a 15 ft. finished building. Our performers tumble and vault into and out of the building’s windows, challenging the laws of gravity as they vertically run up and down the building’s walls, creating the look and feel of a construction site but with a whole new twist. Phenomenal timing and spatial awareness is key to this performance. The artists’ incredible acrobatic ability allows them to accomplish intricate aerial movements with speed and agility. Excitement builds as they spring and twist in the air with surprising ease and grace performing multiple synchronized somersaults, mid-air twists and high dives at an unbelievable pace.

6 Minute Act, Price includes Travel Fees (24×24 area /20ft ceiling height required) cast in Texas, Orlando & Colorado.



“To err is human, to laugh is divine”… Well, not quite, but you have to admit that “laughter is the best medicine”.   And there is never a shortage of laughs when Crackers & Tulip are around. Two original characters who add en extra element of excitement and even audience participation during and between acts.

Up to 3 hours with breaks as appropriate. Cast in Orlando, NYC, Las Vegas & LA.



Features 3 gymnasts dressed in colorful costumes. The performers dazzle audiences by performing multiple synchronized somersaults and mid air twists at an unbelievable pace.

2 Hours with breaks as appropriate. Cast in Orlando, Colorado, New York, Las Vegas & LA.



Swan-like grace, magnificent costuming, quirky characters and exquisite physical beauty, our dancers are a feast for the eyes. Trained at some of the finest dance schools in the world, and having danced in many of the best plays on Broadway, this group embodies the elegance, refinement and skill that makes dance a true art form. From delicate pirouettes to animated interpretive dance, their performance is forever enchanting, leaving the audience breathless and mesmerized.

Up to 3 hours of Atmosphere with breaks as appropriate.

Up to 3 hours of Atmosphere with breaks as appropriate and one Choreographed Routine.

Cast in Orlando, Miami, Las Vegas, Arizona, Colorado, Chicago, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania & LA.



Using multiple props, complex juggling patterns are performed in partial light and black light, with computer-controlled props to produce a breathtaking visual experience. A microprocessor at the heart of every club controls internal light-emitting arrays allowing the clubs to change color, strobe and synchronized with the music. Our Juggler is also trained in Diablo and can dazzle any audience with flowing and intricate tricks to the eye.

6 Minute Act, can also do 1×20 minute set of strolling atmosphere in different character. Orlando & LA Cast.



Thunderous music is heard in the blackness…..and the birth of light begins. Two bolts of lightning explode, sparks fly…..and suddenly there’s light!     Dawned in the most elaborate of costuming, the Cirikli’s will slowly appear to wander through the guests and stroll.

Up to 3 hours of Atmosphere with breaks as appropriate. Cast in Orlando & LA.


Experience the thrill as our colorfully attired artists slither up floor-mounted poles with amazing speed and agility. Defying gravity at 25 feet in the air, they perform difficult maneuvers such as vertical balancing, hand spinning and various acrobatic positions requiring an enormous amount of upper body strength. With their hypnotic, serpentine dance these masters will astound and shock their audience.

6 Minute Act, Requires 20ft ceiling height or higher w/ 24 X 24 stage size. Cast in Orlando & LA


Although fire is always daunting and seemingly untamable, our Fire Juggler exhibits his enormous skill and control over it as he juggles multiple batons set on fire, throwing and catching them with amazing dexterity and ease. A stunning sight or color and courage, he continuously makes the fire his plaything and ultimately feasts on it to the astonishment of his audience!

Up to 4 hours of Atmosphere with breaks as appropriate. Cast in Orlando, Miami, New York, Las Vegas, Denver, Chicago & LA.


Our artists perform a graceful dance, creating ingenious and elaborate shapes with their ribbons, demonstrating a multitude of acrobatic positions and nimble pirouettes. A combination of gymnastics and ballet, this number is a visual delight that is as colorful as it is powerful.

Up to 4 hours of Atmosphere with breaks as appropriate. Cast in Orlando, Miami, New York, Las Vegas, Denver, Chicago & LA.


Human Sphere

Up to 3 hours of Atmosphere with breaks as appropriate. Cast in Orlando, Miami, New York, Las Vegas, Denver, Chicago & LA.