Electric Cirquit

A 45-minute production, this event explores advances in light manipulation never before seen, featuring intelligent lights, surreal black light, sparkling lasers, special effects and computerized LED lighted costumes that react in sync with fast and slow beats, creating dynamic spinning and cascading effects for a unique visual experience that is irresistibly hypnotic. The show’s futuristic and edgy style, combined with astonishing cirque acts performed to the pulsating and upbeat sounds of techno and house music, make this one of the most original and spellbinding productions on the market today.

electric cirquit   electric cirquit

Rock The Big Top

Rock the Big Top is a full one-hour customized show that includes a cast of ’80s costumed cirque entertainers that can perform alongside a live nine-piece ’80s rock band. Enjoy covers and all our favorite rock hits from the great “Big Hair Band” era. The Show is performed in a 2,500 seat big top tent with mind-blowing lights and sound system that is not only heard but
also felt deep within your core. This is definitely not your regular sit down and watch type of show. If you loved the ’80s at all you will be dancing while you watch and virtually reliving this crazy time in a new and exhilarating way.

rock the big top rock the big top rock the big top rock the big top rock the big top