Champagne Dress Divas

There is no better way to create a festive mood than to have our gliding goddesses offer guests their first glass of champagne. Exquisitely beautiful women dressed in unique dresses made up of champagne glasses, they delicately float through the party as guests pick their glassess full of champagne directly off their dress. With elegance and beautiful style, these performers are sure to add a touch of class to any formal event.


Living Red Carpet




LED Dragon







Aerial Drummers

Aerial Drummers can perform on building facades, event halls, arenas, stadiums, shopping centers. Aerial Drummers
will magically fly from the ceiling up and down as they play 30 feet in the air at a speed up to 8m/sec. The spectators will then experience live pulsating sound in a new, exorbitant show. They can be from 4 to 6 musicians.

Youtube videodemo: